Darn It! Inc. is a 15 year old family run distribution and refurbishment business based in New Bedford Massachusetts. We provide door to door logistic solutions, warehousing & distribution services for the ever-changing needs of retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers worldwide. We offer a full line of logistics services including: clothing distribution, label change, quality control & refurbishment, clothing inspection, dry cleaning & pressing.

Darn It! Inc. is the perfect outsourcing solution. We provide a skilled labor force, crossed-trained in all aspects of warehousing, distribution and quality control/correction services. Let us be your partner and an extension of your business operation. We stand ahead of the pack with fast turn-around and many value added services for apparel and general merchandise. So whether you need help with clothing distribution, label changes, or need our state of the art ozone room, please contact us, you will be glad you did!